Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Since apparently this term is not as easy to look up as I thought, I'll explain:

Cisman is shorthand for cisgender man.

From Wikipedia:
Cisgender (pronounced /ˈsɪsdʒɛndər/) is an adjective used in the context of gender issues and counselling to refer to a class of gender identities formed by a match between an individual's gender identity and the behavior or role considered appropriate for one's sex. Cisgender is a neologism that means "someone who is comfortable in the gender they were assigned at birth", according to Calpernia Addams. "Cisgender" is used to contrast "transgender" on the gender spectrum.

I placed that in my bio to show in my own subtle way that I make an effort to be sensitive to LGBT issues. I try to be cognizant of my cisgender privilege (my heterosexual privilege, my male privilege and my white privilege), but sometimes I fall short, which is the nature of privilege. Gentle corrections are welcome.

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